Unknown-2The overall goal for assessment in this course is to help learners gauge progress toward their own health goals. Assessments are important opportunities for students to summarize their learning, get some feedback and be one step closer to their own health goals.  Quizzes are graded for feedback purposes but scores will not be recorded. All assessment will include descriptive feedback, opportunities to correct misunderstanding and will reinforce students’ previous learning.  Students will be asked to self-evaluate throughout the course and can probe deeper on any particular topic with links to extended resources.

Module 1 – All About Heart Disease – How Diet and Cholesterol are Connected

Most assessment in this content-heavy module will be computer-based. Students will complete web-based quizzes that allow for revision of wrong answers, relearning and extended learning on the topics presented.

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Module 2 – Looking Toward a Healthy Future – Cognitive Dissonance, Change Challenges 

The objective of Module 2 is to allow students to process their personal reactions to the content presented in Module 1 and the realities of the challenges of implementing personal lifestyle and diet changes. They will begin work on the central feature of the course, their own Healthy Eating Plan.

Assessments will gage student understanding through:

  1. whole group and small group discussions
  2. written/recorded composition/journal questions
  3. student generated Healthy Eating Plan
  4. self-evaluation

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Module 3 – Recognizing Evidence-Based Health Information

Students will develop skills to critically assess health claims and become an educated consumer of health information.

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Module 4 – Let’s Eat!

Assessments in this Module will include web-based quizzes as well as real-world applications of new knowledge. In real-world settings such as the grocery store, home kitchen and restaurant, the learner will select and prepare foods that support cardiovascular health.

Final Summative Test and Self-Evaluation–Students will be assessed on their mastery of the entire course content in a web-based final assessment that includes multiple question types: matching list, pick one, pick multiples, sequence, performance, composition and a self-evaluation.  Descriptive feedback will be included as well as click-through extensions on question topics.

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