30 Day Zero Waste Challenge

Do you have over-stuffed closets, drawers, and garages? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by these over-stuffed spaces? Overwhelmed by stuff? Have you ever made a purchase even though you had a nagging feeling you already had the item at home but you could not lay your hands on it because it could not be found amidst the clutter? (guilty!)


Today’s challenge is in many ways a companion post to yesterday’s *RECYCLE LESS*. Clutter around us keeps us disorganized, overwhelmed, and distracted. And
We too easily succumb our consumer-based culture. 

Content of this post is adapted from Bea Johnson and Kathryn Kellogg:

“There is nothing wrong with consumerism, I think we are just consuming in a way that is missing some important key ingredients. I believe that we’ve lost value in the materials that go into making something. We’ve forgotten the value in craftsmanship, quality, durability, and functionality.”

Why Declutter:

  1. Decluttering forms better shopping habits. Less shopping means less strain on our resources: Only thru decluttering will you find epiphany in reducing future purchases.
  2. Decluttering supports sharing with others:
  3. Decluttering makes Zero Waste manageable: Simplifying (which starts with decluttering) makes it easy to organize and stick to the logistics of Zero Waste. How many reusable bags does one need to be Zero Waste? Less means less to worry about, clean, store, repair or dispose of later.

Where to begin:

  1. Evaluate your wants and needs
  2. Rethink future purchases. Make purchases based on functionality, repairability, and durability. Less, but better.
  3. Try to be mindful when you are shopping. When the item is in your hand, you are choosing to take responsibility for it.  Enter the relationship with open eyes and mind.




Quote of the Day:

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.”—Mother Teresa