30 Day Zero Waste Challenge

Today’s challenge is all about getting out of your amazing zero waste house and reaching out to friends, co-workers, neighbors and community. You’ll be amazed at how many of the folks in your social circles have never thought about this stuff! Smile, stay positive and share your values. And don’t forget to get outside and plug into nature. Nature is rejuvenating.

Thanks again to Kathryn Kellogg for much of this post.

  1. Pick up litter when you’re out walking
  2. Live local
  3. Get involved in local government
  4. Host a DIY party with your friends
  5. Get involved in your local Citizens Climate Lobby, Sierra Club, WA State Democrats’ Environment and Climate Caucus or another local organization
  6. If it’s less than 2 miles walk or bike
  7. Join with a community garden
  8. Start a recycling or composting program at work or school
  9. Host a documentary showing
  10. Send a letter to businesses asking that they implement more eco-friendly practices. Ask them to implement a straw on request only policy. Ask them to remove plastic from their packaging.
  11. Vote with your dollars, when buying something new support companies that give back and focus on sustainability.”

See what else you could do here.


Quote of the Day:

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.” -Barbara Mikulski