30 Day Zero Waste Challenge

Thanks to Kitchen Stewardship for this one:

“Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to pack reusable containers to bring to restaurants or cafeterias instead of bringing home Styrofoam take-out containers or other disposables. (Styrofoam is actually plastic number 6, which is not recommended for food because of the BPA = Bisphenol A. ) Get up from your computer right now and do it. That’s right. Stand up, grab a few cheap plastic containers that will survive a few weeks in your vehicle, and put them in your car. Or at least by your purse. It’s okay. I’ll wait. Really. Leave now. Get it done, or you’ll probably forget.” https://www.kitchenstewardship.com/monday-mission-pack-reusable-containers-for-restaurant-leftovers/


“Hundreds of millions of pounds of disposable takeout containers end up in landfills every year.  While some restaurants are making the crucial move away from Styrofoam and conventional plastic—offering compostable bio plastics and paper instead—these alternative products are currently very expensive and still represent an unnecessary waste of resources in their manufacture.” https://ethicalfoods.com/reuseable-takeout-containers/


1-BRING YOUR OWN – Visit Life Without Plastic for examples of convenient containers. https://www.lifewithoutplastic.com/store/?acc=502e4a16930e414107ee22b6198c578f


3-VOICE YOUR CONCERNS  – “Ask your local restaurant to make the switch to compostable to-go containers or encourage a reusable to-go container system. Your voice matters. Businesses have no incentive to change until they hear from you!” “Request takeout places use your container instead of their disposable one. If they won’t do it, give them a Take Out Without card to help them understand why they should.”


Quote of the Day

“We are the ones we have been waiting for”

Alice Walker