Official Response to inquiry from Sinkovich 8/5/16 after site visit:

Hi Teresa –

Thanks for your inquiry into the stormwater culvert running through your property.  I’m currently reviewing property rights and any easement with regards to the culvert and pipe.  In the past and currently, the city recognized the pipe and outfall as private property.  In almost all cases, it is the responsibility of the property owner to assess and repair (or not repair) drainage on their property, even if the drainage system is coming from the City’s ROW upstream.

Given the upstream drainage coming into the ROW catch basin located on the west side of your neighbors lot, we’ve determined it would not be acceptable to divert any more flows to the downstream ditch and infiltration area due to flooding concerns.

At this point, my recommendation would be to have a drainage contractor  assess the pipe on your property for drainage issues and solutions.  In addition, given your concerns and the prior report you submitted to me, I would consider hiring a geotechnical expert to re-access the stability of the slope at the outfall and downstream from your property.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this matter.

Have a good weekend,

Daniel Sinkovich
Utility Operations Specialists
City of Shoreline
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