Learning is the outcome with alignment.Unknown-1

Instructional alignment can go a long way toward making sure efficient and effective learning occurs. Instruction is aligned when the goals/objectives, learning activities and assessments match. The instructional goals need to be clear and explicitly communicated. Tasks and activities should reinforce the instructional goals or lesson focus. And assessments should allow students to demonstrate their mastery of the learning objective(s). Instruction can be aligned on a large scale (program goals, course goals) as well as within a single lesson.

A designer that creates an aligned system will have a well-organized framework to select learning tools and resources that will support a targeted outcome. Assessments that are aligned to the instruction and objectives are an essential part of the feedback loop. Students should be assessed on the intended content.

Module 1: All About Heart Disease – How Diet and Cholesterol are Connected. View the alignment chart for Terminal Objective #1.

Module 2: Looking Toward a Healthy Future – Cognitive Dissonance and Change Challenges. View the alignment chart for Terminal Objective #2.

Module 3: Recognizing Evidence-Based Health Information. View the alignment chart for Terminal Objective #3.

Module 4: Let’s Eat! View the alignment chart for Terminal Objective #4.

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