Unknown-1User Experience Design and Usability Testing

When creating interactive learning objects, designers must take into consideration the experience of the user and create products that are accessible, functional and enjoyable to use.

In a talk entitled, The Fundamentals of  User Experience, Amanda Morrow translated this topic into relatable analogies. She likened the designer’s job to one of a good parent, i.e. ‘”not overbearing and not neglectful”.

Her top ‘parenting tips for user design’ are:

  1. Guide them (don’t get in their way and don’t leave them hanging)
  2. Don’t confuse them (don’t frustrate them or make them feel stupid)
  3. Give feedback
  4. Set them up for success
  5. Be Human – We are humans interacting with other humans through technology and not humans interacting with technology.

Usability Tests

Usability tests are critical for designers of learning objects.  Essentially the product is taken for a test drive and the users’ satisfaction and ability to complete the task is measured.  Areas for improvement are identified.  The responses I received from a usability test I created for my RLO lead to critical improvements on the project.  These questions comprised my usability test:

General Look:



General usability questions:

Content organization:


Version 2


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